GHM V6: What’s New


1.    New Channel Managers

Your GHM can be connected now with 2 new Channel Managers (similar to Nightdbridge, SiteMinder)


1.1         Description: Beds24 Online Booking System and Channel Manager

The link offers full synchronisation of rates and availability and download of new bookings.

For more information visit or contact Gerrit Dwyer (


1.2         Description:

The link offers full synchronisation of rates and availability and download of new bookings.

For more information visit or contact Gregg Scott-Brown (



2.    Guest Feedback Management

Your GHM can now be connected with the following Guest Feedback Management Tool


Description: GuestRevu

Visit or contact Megan Erasmus ( for assistance or more details



3.    GHM Mobile Apps

Our GHM Mobile extension is offering 3 new apps


3.1         Breakfasts management

Are your breakfasts served at a different locating or managed by other people? Then this app is very useful for you to follow the breakfasts and for your breakfast team so that they can monitor who to expect for breakfast and who had already breakfast. It includes several reports


3.2         Housekeeping management (+ rooms Issues reporting)

Manage and monitor the housekeeping of your rooms. Allocate a housekeeper to the room that he/she is responsible for cleaning.  The housekeeper can then access the app on her smartphone, showing the rooms she is responsible for. Once a room is cleaned she can mark this room as serviced, she can also report issues like eg. Tap leaking, towel rail broken, etc. You can then follow up these issues and allow your handy man access to these issues.


3.3         GHM Reporting

Away from your desktop GHM and you need some reporting information? No problem, activate the report from your GHM Mobile and the report will be emailed to you.



4.    Availability dependant Supplements

Supplements can now be marked as “Availability Dependent”.

When adding such supplement to a reservation, a period must be entered from when until when such supplement will be used/reserved. The program will then check if this supplement is available during this period. There will be also an new calendar screen showing such supplements and their availability.

This is very handy if you hire out items like a baby cod, extra bed, bicycle, motor vehicle, but also if you have a conference room that can be booked, etc.




5. features

These features are only available for those clients who are directly connecting GHM with


You no longer need to log in into your extranet to report an invalid credit card or to report a No Show of a guest. Two buttons are available now to report these automatically.




6.    Door lock card generation

We have integrated the basic features of 2 different door lock card systems. These systems re Visislock and Hune RF


On check in of a guest, the door lock can be generated to allow the guest to enter his room during his stay.




7.    Other minor new/upgraded features

Invoices Save to PDF option

Early check-in / late check-out fee setup

Deposit amount and Terms at Guest/Third Party level

Guest’s birthday reminder

Room, Room type or Room location filter for reports

Choose folder for saving forms emails